6: Work-life Balance

Assuming you have terrible work-life balance, destress and detox with the latest episode of Nothing in Particular where your hosts Shuveb Hussain and Christy Bharath talk about nothing in particular on work-life balance.

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  • poomalairaj

    Work is actually a part of life; not completely different from life. Colleagues are not very different from friends in *life*. Work is not actually pulling back from living but gives fuel to live. If we spend more time to find fuel, it doesn’t mean that we are not living. Its sad to see many freshmen as well as some experienced have opposite opinion.

    I think the term “work, life balance” is used as metrics for perceived happiness in the corporate world.

    • christy

      Well said, Raj! I suppose the co-existence is what has turned Work-Life integration into an attainable goal. Especially because more people are talking about it than ever before.

      And with roles such as Chief Happiness Officer emerging in the corporate world, it may be a matter of time before these metrics turn existential!

  • poomalairaj

    Shuveb: Have you changed the location of your recording room? I heard noticeable echo when you speak especially after the break music.