7: On Hobbies

Listening to music and calling that a hobby? What is a hobby, really? Is there a definition that mankind can agree on? In this episode, your hosts Shuveb Hussain and Christy Bharath talk about nothing in particular on hobbies. Adding spice to this episode is fresh new music from friend of the show, Hari Ram Narayan. Please enjoy your weekend or whatever is left of it, anyway.

  • poomalairaj

    Now the podcast looks really professional. The music and vocals are cool to listen to. Till the very end I expected you guys give a definition of hobby. At least Christy could have tried a funny definition. As usual you didn’t.

    Perhaps I could try my version of definition of hobby for the sake of the audience this time.

    A Hobby is a specific activity towards which one spends time & energy regularly without the expectation of a reward except that of doing the hobby itself. A good hobby gradually improves skills to do the hobby in a better way over the time.
    We had another *national* hobby during my childhood: Making cards from hundreds of different brands of cigarette packs and match boxes and collecting soda caps which were precious like coins then 😉

    • christy

      Thank you. Raj, once again for the kind words. We are thrilled with the music too. It has even inspired us to sound as professional as possible. Perhaps, by episode 100 – we will finally start making sense. Hopefully hehehe!

      I like your definition of a hobby, but I wonder though – isn’t getting better at something a reward too? In that sense, i would be surprised if people pursued hobbies without acquiring new information that may make them better at it.

      The cigarette packet pyramid is a blast from my past too. It was one of the few reasons I used to visit the college hostel (*grin*).

      • poomalairaj

        A hobby allows us to get better is a good hobby and Yes, getting better at something is a reward in itself.

        In college days I had lot of empty cigarette packets as well but those packs were not collected for a hobby. It was there because of my laziness. I was talking about school days. Just scavenging empty cigarette packs as if they were precious and make cards out of it and play. Every rare card is expensive in points. For example we had 400 points for charminar at that time. This game was extensively famous around our district