8: On Wealth

Is there a link between how happy you are and your bank balance? Is there a long-term benefit in winning the lottery? These musings and more in this episode of Nothing in Particular where your hosts Shuveb Hussain and Christy Bharath talk about nothing in particular on wealth.

Don’t you agree it’s great that podcasts are free?

  • Vivek Venugopalan

    Guys one problem I am seeing with your podcast is that you are meandering all over the place so for example I might have an opinion about say software pricing / economics then on farming. .. etc, thus essentially I have to type my comments one by one and refer to sections. Something that you might want to think about since I cannot participate in this conversation it becomes a bit hard.

    • shuveb

      @vivekvenugopalan:disqus that is mainly because the podcast is completely unscripted. We just decide on a topic – sometimes mere hours before we record – and just go off. Though some of the topics might be heavy, you will definitely have to consider our podcast, in general, very light. Just a loose collection of points. Christy and I would love to hear your opinion on just any point we might have discussed!

    • christy

      Thank you, Vivek, for writing to us and giving feedback. We always appreciate that!

      To add to what Shuveb said, we are hoping that the unscripted format hits a groove with which we can meander and still hold the attention of the audience. Pockets of information are available very freely and is up for consumption in many forms – including podcasts. What we aim to do is to create a free-flowing structure where we can discuss everything under the sun about a particular topic. Agreed, such may lend itself to fewer passionate discourses given how little time we spend on the specifics, but (fingers crossed), we will hit the right groove soon.

      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. We will definitely look forward to more of those, whether they are in our favor or not.

  • poomalairaj

    I like Shuveb’s quote from rich dad poor dad. In addition to that, I think wealth is all about freedom. It is freedom that allows you to do what you choose to do.

    I am growing to be a fan of Hariram Narayanan’s Music and Sharanya’s vocals. Lovely combination. This episode’s music seemed little modern.

    BTW Shuveb, after you mentioned about the time quote the other day, I was curious about Rich Dad Poor Dad and completed reading it. It definitely changed my perspective of money. It is a worthy read. Thanks for that!

    • christy

      Excellent point, mate. Freedom is a good way of putting it. Freedom from emotional stress, peer pressure and conformity, in my opinion. And yes, we are totally loving the music too. Thank you for being a regular, @poomalairaj:disqus!