9: Censorship

We are joined by special guest Madhu Nair on this episode on censorship. We talk about nothing in particular on censorship in books, movies, cartoons and various other art forms. We debate the need for free speech for the sake of free speech and close with Christy’s new found love for rapping.

Thanks to Hari Ram Narayanan for more musical goodies received. Hope you enjoy them!

Show notes

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  • poomalairaj

    Censorship made even NIP team little serious! Much less laughter and fun quotes. Its understandable indeed.

    Lovely episode and you’ve just established the theme music! Finally we’ve got the much asked feature: Show Notes!

    I have a complaint though. I hear a hissing noise throughout the episode. Probably Shuveb recorded everything in a single track?

    • christy

      Thank you, Raj! Either the topic made us more serious or we aren’t aging gracefully.

      Regarding the hissing noise, most of our guests don’t have the mic set-up that shuveb and I do, so unfortunately some noise shows up. Hopefully, we can find a solution to this soon.

      Thanks again, oh ye faithful listener 🙂