When the stream-of-consciousness technique is applied to a podcast which is hosted by a self-styled geek and a writer it is something that might produce the likeness of Nothing in Particular. Like most legal disclaimers, we promise you nothing – not even entertainment. And if you are someone who is easily offended, we have three words of advice: nothing in particular. Just kidding: Don’t bother listening.

Yours trulys

Christy Bharath

His first-ever aspiration involved a Tyrannosaurus Rex with an equestrian saddle and townspeople in need of a rebellious masked hero. But, he decided to do something less dramatic, instead. He is a writer. He tells stories by producing digital content. And bird-watching is his favorite thing to do. He is @verseherder on Twitter.

Shuveb Hussain

He shall now depend on your creative powers so you assume you are reading something mind–blowingly and bring upon yourself willing suspension of disbelief. On Twitter he is @shuveb.